Find your SharePoint Correlation IDs using PowerShell

Posted: August 12, 2014 in SharePoint PowerShell

Earlier I would go on a server treasure hunt every time a Correlation Id hit me. This is what happens when working on a SharePoint farm that uses NLB. You never know where your SharePoint session is, and when an error occurs, the error is saved in the sharepoint log on that WFE server.Like most things in our daily lives, you can find the solution using Powershell!

I was completely unaware of the beautiful Clmet Merge-Splog.
Now errors are brought to you instead of you to them:-)

Merge-SPLogFile -Correlation GUID -Path c:\myerror.txt

So the errors are saved in the c:\myerror.txt, and you can aslo open this in any ULSviewer.

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