Copy a file to all SharePoint Servers using PowerShell

Posted: October 21, 2014 in SharePoint PowerShell

Often when automating your SharePoint solutions, you will find yourself adding custom customizations, like copying a picture file to a specific location on all your SharePoint servers. To do this we can for example use the following PowerShell code.

Change the Variables under to adjust to your needs:-)

#Add SharePoint snapin:
add-PSSnapin -Name microsoft.sharepoint.powershell -EA "SilentlyContinue"

#List the server and file where the source file is and where it is going:
$Sourceserver = ("WFE3") 
$FromFile = "\c$\folder\file.txt"
$ToFile = "\c$\Program Files\folder\file.txt" 

#List all SharePoint Servers:
$AllSPServers = get-spserver | ? { $_.Role -eq "Application"}

#Copy specified file to each SharePoint server in the farm:
foreach ($SPServer in $AllSPServers)
    $server = $
    $FilePathSource = "\\" + $Sourceserver + $FromFile
    $FilePathDestination = "\\" + $server + $ToFile
    Copy-Item $FilePathSource  -Destination $FilePathDestination

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