Hi My name is Bjørn and I work as an Senior Infrastructure Enineer at:

I have created this site to keep my tools and scripts accessible to myself and to share my findings with others. To share is to go forward!

As a consultant I mostly work within the SharePoint platform. My common tasks can be Migration, implementation, documentation, configuration, design of infrastructure, advising, scripting and problem solving. To fully comprehend SharePoint though, it could be wise to also know a bit about Microsoft SQL and Microsoft Server:-)

At school I really hated programming, and did not do more of it than I had to..Funny enough when I crashed head-first into PowerShell through a project, I fell in love with the logical power-Code. There are few things you cannot do with Powershell on the Microsoft Platform!

The funny stage is when you start writing code without having to think to solve challenges. Yes fellow IT friends, learn this as fast as you can! Will make your job a lot easier.

LinkedIn: http:/no.linkedin.com/in/bjornroalkvam/

  1. simplysql says:

    your post saved my butt!!! I hate SP2010 – but this sure did help. thank you!

  2. simplysql says:

    Thank you so much for this – it really saved me a boatload of time!!

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